When you are moving there are a lot of things to do and sometimes it’s hard to remember all of them. As Charleston movers, we have moved hundreds of families and have seen them go through the moving process. Many overlook little details that could cause a headache further down the road. Here are some a few items you shouldn’t forget:

  • Cancel Your Gym Membership- You may not have a membership or you may be able to transfer gyms, but this is a general reminder to cancel any reoccurring charges you may have in your old hometown. This also includes contacting utility companies so they know when they can turn off your services.
  • Update Your Address- Whether it’s for mail, credit cards, voting, etc., updating it ahead of time checks one more item off your list and gives you one less thing to worry about when moving day arrives. It also allows
  • Insurance- Many people don’t consider how insurance may change when you move. Whether it is for your car, home, or even medical, it is a good idea to contact your insurance provider to make sure you are still covered and to learn how your policy may change.
  • Organize Important Documents- Make sure all of your important documents are organized and easily accessible. It may not seem like a big deal until you can’t find the one paper you desperately need. Keep your financial records, insurance, tax forms, and any other documents neat and organized.
  • Keep Everyday Items Separate- You don’t want to be an hour down the road, your phone dies, and your charger is on the moving truck. Be sure to keep anything you use on a daily basis with you when you move. It is a good idea to be prepared to live without the truck for a few days.

Moving is a big process and can be overwhelming.  Don’t let the stress get the best of you. Use these tips to help you stay on top of all aspects of your move.  If you are looking for high-quality Charleston moving services, contact Azalea Moving & Storage. Our professional movers will ensure that your move is a success. Call or visit our website to learn more today!