Making eco-friendly gestures is appreciated by many with an affinity for preserving the environment. What about Charleston long-distance movers? Are there steps that they can take to offer a helping hand?

Below you will find some steps that residential movers in Charleston can implement to tread a little lighter on the environment. There are also some great tips that anyone can take when planning their next move, so read on and see what you can do too!

How Long-Distance Movers Might Reduce Environmental Impact

How can long-distance movers reduce their environmental impact? The following are aimed at reducing fuel consumption, recycling, and other tips that all movers can do to help.

Combine Smaller Shipments

Instead of making several small shipments, save on fuel by combining several shipments onto a single truck. This saves time as well as energy!

Offer Reusable Boxes and Recycling Service

Customers will appreciate the option to opt for reusable wardrobe boxes for their clothing in place of single-use boxes. You can also offer debris removal and recycling of packing boxes and materials as part of your moving services.

Replace Plastics with Moving Blankets

Sometimes you cannot avoid using plastics and paper during a move, but when you can, choose to use moving blankets instead. You can also use moving boxes and packaging materials that are made from recycled materials.

Implement Eco-Friendly Business Practices

Think of things that you can do around the office to improve your day-to-day environmental impact. It can be as ambitions as switching to solar power or wind energy sources to simple steps like using eco-friendly cleaning supplies. You can also encourage recycling at the workplace and make sure to keep your fleet of moving vans well maintained!

Useful Tips Anyone Can Use to Help the Environment During Relocation

For those who want to take matters into their own hands, here are some steps that you can take to be more eco-friendly during your next move.

Remember Proper Disposal Procedures

When moving, you will have to dispose of paints, oils, gas, and other materials that are not safe to take with you. Make sure that you use proper procedures according to your community’s guidelines. Do the same when disposing of unwanted appliances and electronics.

Don’t Throw Away Unwanted Items

It can be tempting to toss out unwanted clothing, non-perishable foods, and furniture. Instead of adding to the landfills, donate those items to a good cause. You will feel great about helping someone in need while doing your small part to help your environment also.

Reuse Boxes When Possible

Sometimes you can’t risk using low-quality boxes. Sometimes you can. Why not put all those shipping boxes to use when packing items in your home that don’t require a lot of special care? You can also replace packing paper and plastics with old clothing, towels, and blankets.

Hire Eco-Conscious Charleston Long-Distance Movers

If you’re hiring residential movers in Charleston, take a few minutes to learn about their eco-friendly practices. If you aren’t sure what they are, just ask! To learn about what Azalea Moving can do to help protect the environment during your next relocation, give us a call today. Don’t forget to get a free relocation cost estimate!