Moving to a new home is a great opportunity to comb through your stuff and get rid of anything that is no longer useful to you. We all collect so much stuff because we tend to confuse useful to us with useful to someone. If it’s still hanging around in your storage spaces, there’s a good chance that it’s useful to someone. So, begin preparing for your next move with these tips from professional Charleston long-distance movers on what to keep and what to purge.

Donate Old Clothing in Good Condition

If you’re still hanging on to jeans you wore from before your last baby, it’s time to let them go. And you don’t have to feel bad about it because when you get back in that size you’ll have a good excuse to go shopping. The same goes for any clothes your kids have outgrown and styles that have seen their peak. It’s always a little fun to take a look through someone’s closet at an estate sale because it’s like a time capsule as they tend to hold on to dress clothes from decades past. Keep about two weeks’ worth of outfits that fit each family member and donate the rest.

There are many community thrift shops that will donations of good condition clothing. We particularly like thrift shops that raise money for a good cause like the Palmetto Goodwill. Goodwill Industries provides an opportunity for individuals who face barriers in the traditional workforce. They teach valuable job skills while providing essential items to low-income communities. Goodwill accepts donations of clothing, toys, housewares, appliances, and more.

Part with Low-End Furniture and the Collection of Kitchen Gadgets that Don’t Get Used

Don’t give up that antique dresser that belonged to your great-grandmother and probably keep ahold of high-end pieces that you have carefully invested in. But aside from those items, do you really want to make a long (and expensive) trip with a bunch of flat-packed furniture pieces made from compressed cardboard? Give up anything that is not in great condition as well as most veneered furniture, sofas, and specialty furniture that doesn’t fit your new home instead of paying to move it so you can continue to store it.

Almost any thrift shop will take most furniture donations. However, there may be local department of health restrictions on mattresses. But one place that your unwanted furniture will do a lot of good is at the Charleston Habitat for Humanity ReStore. Habitat for Humanity is a community service organization that builds homes for families in need. They work with local resources to obtain land and building materials and then rely on volunteer labor to build homes. Their community thrift stores are one way that they fund these projects. Your local HFH ReStore typically accepts donations of furniture, building materials, and housewares.

Azalea Moving provides professional residential movers in Charleston to make the process of packing, transporting and storing your belongings a lot easier. Since 1982, our team has been moving people near and far. We’re a trusted member of Allied Van Lines providing nationwide moving services. Moving to a new home is a big project. It takes a lot of resources, including labor and money to make it happen. But you can make the job a little easier by planning ahead and paring down your belongings to essentials for a fresh start in your new home. Call today to get a custom moving estimate for your next relocation.