One of the steps of planning for a relocation is considering the items that movers can't take on their trucks. Whether it's flammable substances or personal items, you must ensure you have a plan for relocating your belongings.

As a professional moving company, we have the experience to help guide homeowners in transporting their items. This article will cover what you should do with the items companies can't move for you. 

Perishable Foods and Fire Extinguishers

While nobody wants to throw away food, it's recommended if you have perishable food like fresh produce. During a long-distance relocation, the food will likely spoil and affect the conditions in the truck.

If you are making a local move, you can transport food when packed properly, but it's typically recommended to throw it away. Along with food, you should throw away kitchen equipment like fire extinguishers that can be combustible. 


If you have plants you want to take with you, the best solution is to transport them in your personal vehicle. A moving truck's conditions are too harsh for most plants to remain undamaged.

When you don't want to take the plants with you, the best choice is to gift them to a family or friend. However, be mindful of local laws, as some states have banned specific plants specifics that pose a threat to agriculture. 

Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning supplies often contain highly flammable chemicals that are hazardous to residential movers. If you have cleaning supplies, you should dispose of them before starting the relocation. 

The most common cleaning agents that you can't transport are:

  • Ammonia
  • Bleach
  • Glass Cleaner

Firearms and Ammunition

Whether you are a firearms collector or own a firearm for personal protection, you must transport them yourself. If you are driving to your next destination, you should transport the firearms and ensure you follow local laws. 

When taking a plane to your new home, you will need to use a specialized shipping company for the job. A shipper will make special arrangements to remove the stress of moving firearms and ammunition. 

Garage and Shed Equipment

Your home's garage and shed typically have gas-powered equipment like lawnmowers. Before moving any equipment, you must empty the gas tanks and storage containers. If you have propane grills or heaters, you will need to dispose of the tanks as well. 

Some other items that may not seem dangerous are fertilizers and large fluorescent bulbs. These items are flammable and can ignite in the back of a moving truck if the conditions are hot enough.

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